Better English For Primary  Schools (1 - 6)
Title: Better English For Primary Schools (1 - 6)
Author: B. O. Oluikpe Et Al
Description: Workbooks 1-6 Teacher’s Books 1-6 Better English Is The Most Modern Activity – Oriented And Child – Centred English Language Course, Based On The Modular System. This Highly Successful And Brilliantly Illustrated Series Adopts The Most Modern Approach To Solving The Children’s Linguistic Problems By Providing Ample Practice In The Four Language Skills Of Listening, Speaking, Reading And Writing. The Course Provides A Stimulating Oral Approach And Is As Innovative As It Is Relevantly Appropriate In Its Dynamic Method To Language Teaching And Learning. The Teacher’s Books Serve As Teaching Notes And Method Books As Every Detail Of What Should Be Taught Is Explained And The Method Proffered. The Course Makes English Language Teaching And Learning Non- Laborious And Enjoyable.


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