Health Education For Primary Schools 4
Title: Health Education For Primary Schools 4
Author: C. O. E. Nwegbu
Description: A Child\'s Future Depends On His Health. Health Knowledge Is Necessary For Good Health Practises. This Series On Health Education For Primary Schools Has The Following Objectives: 1. To Spread Health Knowledge Among Children By Helping Them To Read Well-graded Books On The Subject Related To Their Own Background. 2. To Help The Children To Form Good Health Habits In Their Daily Life From Childhood. They Read Simple Health Stories And See Pictures About Good Health Practices. 3. To Help The Children Take Part In The Learning Process Through Discussion And Activities. As The Home Has A Very Important Part To Play In Health Education Of The Children, The Contents Of The Books Could Form The Topic For Discussion In The Homes. 4. To Give The Children The Scientific Facts About (a) The Causes Of Diseases And How To Prevent Them, (b) The Body And How It Works. 5. To Lay Emphasis On The Prevention Of Diseases And Accidents...


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