Misgovernance, Poverty, And Societal Tension
Title: Misgovernance, Poverty, And Societal Tension
Author: Rosemary Ngozi Okoye
Description: This Book Is Based On The Paper I Was To Have Presented At \"the Millenum World Peace Summit\" Whose Topic Was\"the Reduction Of Human And Societal Tensions Through Elimination Of Poverty\". My Decision To Accept The Invitation To Present A Paper On The Above Topic Then,was Informed By My Readiness And Burning Desire To Contribute My Humble Quota To The Noble Venture Of Restructuring The World Into A New Peaceful Comfortable Abode For The Human Family Where Everyone, Irrespective Of Race,religion Or Culture Will Be Happy To Co-exist With One Another,and Basic Necessities Of Life Will Be Within Reach Of Every Individual In All Communities Especially The Third World.


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